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It can be set up on a night table or on occasional table next to the bed to enjoy the benefits of negative ions even more.

Take pure air with you everywhere: light and compact, it goes with you anywhere on your private or professional travels. It fits easily in a carry-on.

  • Breath better and sleep better
  • Protect yourself and your kids from pollution
  • At home, in the office or while travelling
  • Respect our environment: no filter to change

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 115 x 125 x 180 mm
Colors: Noir, gris, orange, rose et bleu
Consumption: 2 W


How it works ?


The action of TEQOYA ionisers

TEQOYA ionisers are an electron source (thus negative ions) powerful enough to ensure the following complete chain of events:

  • In a first step, the high density of negative ions injected into the air will lead to their rapid capture by the particles, which are large positive ions, and neutralize them.
  • These neutral particles subjected to intense electrical forces created by the negative charges, acquire a polarity resulting in the capture of one or more electrons.
  • The large negative ions thus created carry a negative charge which grows with the surrounding negative density.
  • Such effect was predicted theoretically and experimentally proven by German physicist Ladenburg and French physicist Pauthenier.
  • In addition, all the particles present, whatever their size or nature acquire such a negative charge.
  • This important electric charge will result in increasing mutual repulsion of micro particles, enough so that their diffusion and precipitation to the floor of the room (usually positively charged) is initiated and continued.


To this purely “kinetic” effect is also added a second, equally important germicidal effect on the bio-contaminants in the air: bacteria, viruses, etc. In high negative ions density circumstances, it is observed that the strong electric charges acquired by thes germs blocks very quickly their vital exchanges with the air,causing their death (effect verified by Finnish and American)

Thus is realized a double operation:

  • Reduce the rate of residual micropollutants to the level of natural places
  • Restore the permanence of a negative air ions to the level of naturalplaces


These effects can be qualified as essentially “natural”, similar to those encountered and observed in outdoor environments, far from any source of intense micropollution.


Patented, exclusive and safe ionisation system

A unique and powerful negative ions-generation system, with over-confined plasma ensuring close-to-zero ozone emission.The outcome of 15+ years Research and Development led by French Professor Jacques Breton, member of New York Academy of Sciences, officer of the French Academic Palms.The system includes an unrivalled number of needles producing the negative ions. The more needles, the safer and more efficient.System used in vivo during several years in sensitive public places (childcare, healthcare, and office contexts).

100% French

Derived from a unique and patented technology, Teqoya air purifiers are both entirely designed, manufactured and tested in France, in the heart of the Bordeaux nature and wineyards. Our R&D activity brings together air quality specialists and electronics, based in Ile de France, Normandy and Aquitaine.

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